Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Considerations when you deploy BizTalk360

When you go to deploy a BizTalk360 solution, you should take into account these requirements or steps.


As the documentation says, the user that executes the AppPool on IIS, where BizTalk360 will execute, needs the following permissions:
  • Local Administrators Group (in all servers)
  • BizTalk Server Administrtors Group
  • BizTalk Application Users Group
  • BizTalk Isolated Host Users Group
  • SSO Administrators Group
  • IIS_IUSR group
This user is configured when we start to install BizTalk360:

But you need an additional permission when you install and is for the user who runs de MSI, because that user needs to be SYSADMIN on the SQL Server where you want to deploy BizTalk360 database.


If we will use Message Box Viewer with BizTalk360, first we need to execute on the server the MBVConsole.exe and MsgBoxViewer.exe to accept EULA, before BizTalk360 try to use this executable:

1. Run MBVConsole.exe and allow MBVConsole.exe to complete the execution.
2. Run MsgBoxViewer.exe. Click the "Start to Collect" button and allow the execution to complete.


In order to maintain your server clean, remember to configure Data Purgin on Settings > BizTalk360 Health > Data Purging.

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