Thursday, July 27, 2017

Large Data Growth In Biztalk360 Database

Recently in one of our BizTalk360 deployments, the database grow fast, even that we have configured the Purging (Settings > BizTalk360 Health > Data Purging).

This problem is on our dbo.b360_ev_EventLogData table that is not purging correctly:

On this table, we have a lot of rows, most of them very old:

Our purging policy for Event Log Data is set to only one day:

This problem can happen when one of the sources defined to be collected by BizTalk360 Event Log Data Collection sub-service is producing a large number of logs or if we have a lot of BizTalk environments mapped to a single BizTalk360 and the purging procedure can delete.

To solve this problem, we have to delete the rows of that table:
  1. We can execute manually sp_b360_admin_CleanupDB procedure. This option will delete all the data in the principal tables.
  2. We can TRUNCATE the table, deleting all the files in that table.

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