Friday, November 23, 2007

MQSC Adapter error

We have installed MQSC adapter for BizTalk, with WebSphere MQ Client 6, with fixpack

Our MQ Servers are MQ WebSphere 6, one in Z/OS Server and other in a Windows 2003 Server.

When we defined a Receive Location and try to get a message, we received this two errors:

"The adapter "MQSC" raised an error message. Details "Failure encountered while attempting to get message from queue. queue = <QueueName>, queueManager = <QueueManagerName>, reasonCode = 2354"."

"The MQCD structure was not valid. The value of 'Version' field has the value '0'. This value is invalid for the operation requested."

We was investigating in this issue, when we find this post:

We try this solution and it works!!

Our channel name (for example CHANN.NAMES.SVRCONN) had sufficient length to produces the error. We change the channel name with a shorter name (CHANN.NAMES) and works ok.

Solution is give a channel name one char less that maximum length.

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