Wednesday, April 02, 2008

XmlAsmException (HRESULT = 0xc0c01829) And XmlDasmException (HRESULT = 0xc0c01470)

XmlAsmException (HRESULT = 0xc0c01829) And XmlDasmException (HRESULT = 0xc0c01470) are exceptions without an error message.

Using Tomas Restrepo's error lookup utility (see my previous post), we can get a more detailed message:

0xc0c01829 = "BtsErrorAssemblerDoctypeDoesntMatchSchemas"
0xc0c01470 = "BtsErrorDisassemblerDoctypeDoesntMatchSchemas"

This error message means, that the provided schemas don't match with:
<message root element name> or <message namespace>#<message root element name>

This is the obvious error, but also we can get both error messages if our message has the DocumentSpecName context property setted.

The problem is that the standard biztalk's assemblers and disassemblers, override the DocumentSpecNames property of the XML Assembler/Disassembler pipeline components and the Document Schema property of the Flat File Assembler/Disassembler pipeline component if we set the message's DocumentSpecName context property.

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